Foreign policy think tank

We are a group of professionals related to international relations from the public and private sector, academy and civil society organizations. Our goal is to create a space  for debate to strengthen Argentina’s international insertion in order to contribute to a national  and regional  genuine economic development with social inclusion.

We believe that the fundamental axes of a sovereign foreign policy are the eradication of some transnational problems-poverty, violence against women and dissident identities and respect for human rights-, the search for genuine economic and  technological development and the strenghthening of Latin American countries relations.

We consider the defense of democracy, respect to diversities, freedom of speech, gender equality and multidisciplinarity as REDAPPE’s fundamental values.

Work Groups

Latin America and regional integration

  1. Geopolitics and regional integration
  2. UNASUR: an analysis on the transformations that occurred from a social and citizen perspective
  3. Mercosur - China relationship
  4. Mercosur and the environment

Environment and climate change

  1. Energy matrix and renewable energies
  2. Analysis of the energy Program (RenovAr) and public policies
  3. National contributions against Climate Change
  4. International commitments assumed in the Paris Agreement

Human rights and gender

  1. Civil and Political Rights
  2. Economic, social, cultural and environmental rights
  3. Women's rights and sexual diversity

Economic development, employment and technology

  1. Multilateral trading system and new economic governance
  2. Economic impacts of new technologies, challenges and opportunities
  3. International economic negotiations
  4. Working conditions in the face of globalization and new technologies
  5. Globalization and global value chains
  6. Finance and capital flow for emerging markets
  7. Intellectual property
  8. The future of tourism in the face of the pandemic


  1. The path of the sovereignty dispute over Malvinas and comparison with other cases
  2. Actuality of the claim
  3. Distribution of power in international relations
  4. Natural resources: fish, fishing and hydrocarbons
  5. The international public opinion on the subject
  6. History and analysis of the war conflict
  7. Antarctica

Assian affairs

  1. Geographical areas: Asia Pacific (China, Japan and South Korea), Southeast, South Asia (India) and Central Asia
  2. International cooperation and South-South cooperation
  3. Subnational governments and China-Argentina parliamentary relations
  4. China-Argentina trade relations
  5. New Silk Road and Latin America

Lavalle 2016, 7º piso (C1051ABF), Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina