The Argentine Network of Professionals on Foreign Policy (REDAPPE) emerged as an initiative of a group of professionals related to foreign policy. Their goal was to create a wide and plural space for debate and to discuss the elaboration of public policies oriented to a sovereign Argentine international insertion that promotes the genuine economic and social development of the country.

REDAPPE started its activities in the second semester of 2019 by holding meetings with experienced and high-level officials in international affairs. This initial stage allowed the consolidation of REDAPPE’s internal structure and the constant incorporation of new members interested in the Organization’s proposal.

The public launch of REDAPPE was the I Open Foreign Policy Forum, which was held at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) in November 2019. The Forum was featured by high-level specialists and well-known academics in the international relations and foreign policy fields.

REDAPPE started its institutionalization process in 2020. It consisted on the creation of four Secretariats and the design of an Institutional Strategic Development Plan. This Plan sets REDAPPE’s mid-term goals regarding membership profiles, the creation of a federal structure, the celebration of partnership agreements with local and international organizations, universities, and sub-national governments. Six Work groups have been active since April 2020 and, so far, they  have set their research lines and launched their own academic production regularly. In addition, to strengthen our commitment to the values of the organization, we incorporated a Protocol for the Prevention and Addressing of Gender Violence.

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Establish REDAPPE as a reference space in analysis and execution of foreign policy in Argentina and Latin America.

Promote analysis of Argentine foreign policy to ensure a sovereign international insertion that promotes the integral development of the Argentine Republic.



Gender equality

Quiénes somos

Rodrigo Gómez Tortosa

Secretario Ejecutivo

Licenciado en Ciencia Política (UBA) y abogado. Docente universitario. Secretario de la International Coalition against Enforced Disappearances. Asesor del Centro Internacional para la Promoción de los Derechos Humanos (CIPDH-UNESCO).

Laura Gatto

Secretaria Académica

Licenciada en Estudios Orientales (USAL). Diploma Superior en Desarrollo, Políticas públicas e Integración regional (FLACSO). Maestría en Estudios Internacionales (UTDT). Consultora experta del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID).

Diego Sokolowicz

Secretario de Organización

Licenciado en Ciencia Política. Maestrando en Relaciones Económicas Internacionales (UBA). Becario del Instituto del Servicio Exterior de la Nación (ISEN).

María Julieta Daffonchio

Secretaria de Relaciones Institucionales

Licenciada en Ciencia Política (UBA). Magíster en Políticas Públicas (UTDT). Docente Universitaria. Consultora en diseño e implementación de políticas públicas.